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Based on our experience as owners, we help define and implement growth strategies, and when necessary, divest or concentrate on business.

We create the value curve of each business, and we work every variable that makes us different from the competition. Microsegmenting current customers, and studying non-customers, to attract them. The non-customer market is always much higher than that of customers, why not go fishing in that ocean?

When defining the strategy and the value curve, we propose the necessary actions to achieve it, and if necessary, we carry them out. We can ensure from start to finish the design, implementation, execution, and measurement.

With a methodology applicable to the different step of the traveler's value chain:

estrategia ENG.png

Transferring the words of a good friend, how can it be that there are consultants who advise on the management of tourist establishments when they have not been owners or have never even worked in a hotel?

"I suppose they have read many books, but without a doubt, it is how to teach swimming without ever getting wet. " :)

BOARD OF MANAGEMENT For companies seeking objectivity and an external view of the business, we offer a Board of Management service, for as long as necessary, with 2 monthly meetings to address the business strategy and evolution issues that are needed.

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