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As a result of the development of a segmentation and micro-segmentation tool, Splendom Blue Ocean helps Tour Operators and Travel Agencies to work on the segmentation of their clients, to work and succeed in the segmentation of their suppliers (tourist establishments) to define specialized packages and concrete with high added value for the consumer.


Coffee for everyone has already gone down in history. Customers demand specialization, and tour operators and agencies must adapt, they can sell everything, but well segmented and well differentiated.


A real case of example, a hotel, city center, which in the otas is defined as an ideal establishment for couples, for families, LGTB friendly, ideal for bike trips ... Not all customers can be covered with the same product. And that same hotel is distributed by tour operators and agencies and bed banks, without distinction. This does not add value to either party.

We work on the value chain, the product, the definition and implementation of this specialization. The Tour Operator and the Agency may continue to distribute the same establishments as before, but differentiated and with different value propositions for each type of client. This will also entail price segmentation and revenue optimization.

We also work on the creation of niche operators, from conceptualization to start-up, choosing the establishments to work with, the way of working, how and where to market them….


Should We talk about it? There is so much to do.

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