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Tourist Apartments

What does the establishment achieve with this service : have a more profitable business to ensure the future of the establishment or to increase its value in case of sale.

If you think about increasing INCOME , now is the time to redefine and start from scratch with the channel mix. Let's study who added value, who sold and at what cost. Let's not continue hiring with everyone:


+ Let's start by micro-segmenting customers to define tailor-made services and gain loyalty, specialization, and become strong in market niches.


+ Let's continue with the transfer of micro-segmentation to commercialization, thereby gaining even more specialization and ensuring better income.


+ We are looking for new clients, new agencies, new tour operators, all in line with micro-segmentation. We win in seasonally adjusted the demand of the establishment as much as possible. We hire, map and sell online and offline.


+ Based on all this, we redefine Pricing and Rate Structure.

diagrama2 eng.jpg

If you think about reducing COSTS , the moment is how much sooner. How do we do it? We study cost reductions without affecting the service provided, without affecting the customer's perception. It is possible to reduce from the most important expense, rent, for example, to the smallest, through supplies, insurance, purchases, commissions….

And we do it by studying the existing procedures and protocols, making them more efficient, looking for supplier alternatives. For example, having the best laundry price on the market, but without optimized flooring procedures, you don't take advantage of that good price.

We define the KPIs for each area of the business, we compare them with those of the sector, we propose objectives and improvements, we implement them and we measure the results.

Measurement is the success of savings.


If a major change is necessary and reorient the business to improve it, let's work on REPOSITIONING the establishment.


With our services, the results for the establishment are:

+ updating the asset and increasing its value


+ entry to new markets and customers with better purchasing power


+ weigh the investment to be made with the expected increase in business


Repositioning begins with understanding the current product, and defining the product we want to have. Realistically, always, measuring investment vs. expected income.

If we know well what we want or can have, we work on the investment plan and the business plan of the establishment.

You can read the blog post dedicated to it. In case you don't have time, here is a summary:

obres p11 eng.jpg

11th Principe by Splendom Suites, we managed to triple the income in 30 months, with a return on the investment of 18 months (the increase in income itself paid 50% of the investment) and all the works executed in 120 days, and with hosted clients, it was never closed to the public.

AND TRAINING , very important for the best operation of the establishment, achieving:

+ greater efficiency and proactivity


+ more dynamic and responsible reception of prices and rates


+ more efficient housekeeping and more conscientious of work, time and money


+ coaching for middle managers and / or management

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