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Whether you are an Owner-manager or you have transferred the management of the hotel, aparthotel or tourist apartments, we can collaborate in maximizing the performance of the establishment through a Management service. We offer an external and independent vision, without preconceptions. The benefits of this service are:

+ optimize the profitability and value of the establishment

+ better knowledge of the business, with a benchmarking of kpi's with the sector

The Owner-Managers Management service is based on two premises: increase income and reduce costs. And we know how to do it, we have been owners for 20 years, we know what it costs to earn a euro and how little it can cost to spend it.

We propose, execute and measure, always collaboratively and with the depth you want and need.

First, without changing anything, we understand everything that is done, and based on that, we propose improvements:

+ pricing.

+ rate structure.

+ micro we segment customers to define customized services and gain loyalty, specialization and become strong in market niches.

+ We transferred micro-segmentation to commercialization, thereby gaining even more specialization and ensuring better income.

+ We define new clients, new agencies, new tour operators, all in line with micro-segmentation. We win in seasonally adjusted the demand of the establishment as much as possible. And we can get to the recruitment, mapping and sale.

+ and we measure and measure to see the evolution of the improvement. And we define kpi's that make tracking easier.

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And we study all costs, from the largest to the smallest, and we propose improvements, most of them without associated or very low investment. And when the improvement justifies it, with investment. Although what we like the most is saving without investing, just modifying procedures, protocols, reassigning tasks ... and we redefine kpi's to keep track of it.

And we implemented a dashboard for the proper control of the establishment.

The Management service to Owners who have transferred the management reports these benefits:

+ control and better understand the manager's operations

+ learn from the business

+ maximize performance for a potential sale

+ with adjusted fixed cost plus variable cost based on results

We do it to measure, on demand according to the needs and concerns of each owner. You will get improvements and controls for your manager, so that you gain peace of mind and so that, if it is of your interest, you can learn about the business, who knows, if tomorrow you decide to manage directly. With the help of the Management service it is possible.

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