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Financial entity

In these changing times, it is essential to have an expert opinion, real and with established knowledge, of the business plans and operating accounts of tourist establishments, so that the financial entity can help economically, with the security of knowing the business from a real point of view, from an owner point of view like the one that Splendom Blue Ocean gives.


Do we really know if the contribution margin and the repayment effort rate are realistic?


Can we make the approval of financing subject to some operating costs being made more flexible and variable?


Are we certain that the revenue estimates are based on the defined business plan? Is it realistic?


Splendom Blue Ocean services complement and support the work of the professionals of the financial institution, giving that bonus of having been an owner for the last 20 years.

To analyze long-term financing such as mortgages, technological renovation or installations, it is essential to get the analysis of the future business plan right.


If it is short-term financing or factoring, it is essential to know not only the clients economically, but also to have market knowledge, from day to day, if they are punctual or are late in payment, if they constantly send reconciliations ...

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