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Investment fund

With our services, the benefits that a fund gets are:


+ optimization of the portfolio or the assets of the portfolio that are most difficult to make profitable


+ an independent opinion on the possibilities of operational improvement of the portfolio


+ study of the added value and improvement path of an asset before its acquisition


+ add value in a final optimization of the management before the divestment


On the one hand, we analyze income, rate structure, prices and marketing structure, proposing new markets, seasonally adjusting and looking for new customer profiles.

And we analyze cost reductions without affecting the service provided, without affecting the customer's perception. Savings are not based on changing providers (although it may sometimes be necessary), we do so by studying existing procedures and protocols, making them more efficient. For example, having the best laundry price on the market, but without optimized flooring procedures, you lose some of that best price.

We define the KPIs for each area of the business, benchmark with those of the sector and / or subsector, propose objectives and improvements, implement them and measure the results.

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